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Cпортивные товары оптом: тренажеры оптом, массажеры оптом, детские спортивные комплексы оптом. (Статьи)

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(495) 108-73-20


Акция на детские комплексы Альтернативное изображение



All equipment provided in our company by guarantee directly by manufacturers. Specialized service centers located in Moscow (and in some other cities of Russia), carry out work directly with individuals.

When buying a product requires verification of its completeness and serviceability in your presence, operating instructions and a completed Warranty Card. In the absence of you have correctly completed warranty card, we will be forced to reject your claim on the quality of the product. We urge you to start working with the product carefully read the instructions for its use. Warning At the first sign of defective (increased noise, loss of power, reduced speed, strong arcing, burning smell, etc.), its further use is prohibited.
Addresses of service centers:

Children's sports complexes Kampfer:
109428 Moscow, 1st Ave Viazovsky 4, office 446
Tel: +7 (499) 170-48-45
e-mail: manager [dog]

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