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Cпортивные товары оптом: тренажеры оптом, массажеры оптом, детские спортивные комплексы оптом. (Статьи)

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Sales of sports equipment, massage equipment, children's sports complex

Ladies and gentlemen! Company "Kampfer" pleased to welcome you to our site!

The main activity for 5 years is to sell wholesale sporting equipment, massage equipment (massage, massage chairs, etc.), children's sports facilities.

During this period of time, we were able to develop close and strong relationships with well-known manufacturers of sports and massage equipment, wholesale sold by "Kampfer".

Due to this we are able to offer you the sports equipment, massagers, massage chairs, children's sports complexes in bulk at the best prices.

Our company presented a wide range of products, designed for people with any income.

Sports equipment, massagers, massage chairs, children's sports complexes

Our product range will surprise you with its diversity. That treadmills, exercise bikes and ergometers, elliptical trainers, concussor, massage for hands and backs, massage chairs and massage covers, and much more.

The warranty on any equipment not less than 12 months, provided by the manufacturer. Just by after-sales service.

Special conditions for those who want to buy wholesale fitness equipment, massage equipment, children's sports complexes

* Individual approach
* Delivery of your purchases at a specified time and place
* Sending goods in the regions of Russia
* Available for purchase regular customers (Internet - shops) from one position
    * A flexible system of discounts
* No restrictions on the amount of the minimum purchase
* Cash and bank transfer
* Office and Warehouse Internet - shop located in one place

Call, write us! Managers of the company "Kampfer" be glad to answer all your questions!

Telephone (multi): (499)108-73-20

E-mail: kampfer-ru [dog]

Yours "Kampfer"!

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